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What I now do is zerg rush my first toon to get to maps asap with 80 or so deaths, farm some Path of Exile currency, then prep my real guy. Then I do the new toon SC hardcore style, but even with twink gear I die about 3-5 times when I complete act 10 (except this league because poets pens just plow thru the acts). Still a lot to learn to run thru the acts efficiently and consistently without dying

Are all your elemental resistances capped at 75%? Do you have a decent +to Maximum Life Modifier on your gear where you can get it? Do you have enough Life nodes on the tree?

Drawing few people to PoE, I found myself, being myself not that experienced, to employ a few points all the time:

1) (edited in) if you use a ES build, roll a new character that uses life, I ain't got time to explain ES and it's expensive as all hell and should never be used as a first build ever in the game

2) If you don't have 75/75/75 resistances, forgo the aura used in your build (if any) and use Purity of Elements until you find better stuff.

3) Level and use Vaal Grace on bosses, can go with Improved Duration. I don't care your build has a golem, use this.

4) Add fortify to movement skill. Don't have one? Get one. Use it, gain fortify, profit priorities are life, resistances to cap, life, resistances a bit over cap, life, whatever your build says is most important, life, whatever your build says is second most important, life, life and life, and then the rest of stufd.

5) Identify magic abyssal jewels. If it has good life use it. Roll good life with alterations, add stuff, hit life and whatever else you need (probably resistances) - you can then regal the jewel. Regals are worthless for newbs anyway as you will never use an exalt on an item to get another mod.

6) Crafting benches be your friends - usually to craft life.

7) If you can reach +10% or +15% all resistances in the tree easily and are still not capped, go for it, don't care your guide doesn't show you that you should take it, you will spec out of it later.

8) After you have a lot of life, 95/95/95+ resistances without purity of elements, you can focus on moar deeps.

This is usually what helps - purity of elements alone solves a lot of issues for newbs. Also putting those few points towards all resist in tree - that alone helped few of my friends survive and understand the value of resists.

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